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The NGo started on 14TH of July 1987 , registered under charity commision. Our campus is at Mohan Nagar, Pune. The efforts were intiated by Mr. Sunil Chordiya and from those efforts stands the NGO Handicap Center Pune with great struggle and teamwork.

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Some Words From Mr. Sunil Choradia - Founder.

I Sunil M. Chordiya am blind since birth & have been selflessly working for the upbringing & development of the blind & the handicapped past 37 years. I am an employee in FORCE MOTORS LTD. In the year 1991 – 1992. I along with few members started “HANDICAP CENTER, PUNE” in Chinchwad, Pune for complete rehabilitation & personal development for the blind & physically challenged. We give them technical training in working the handloom & caning chairs. We also make dusters & chalk here.

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